• Free Shipping

    Your blood collection kit is shipped free and includes a pre-paid shipping label so you can return it with ease.

  • Physician-reviewed results

    Our in-house physicians will oversee your testing and are available to review your results with you and offer personalized recommendations.

  • Discreet packaging and direct delivery

    Your privacy and security are our #1 priority. Both your sample kit and return box are discreetly labeled.

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How It Works

  • Collect Your Sample

    A quick finger prick will collect the blood we need to determine your results.

  • Mail it back

    Mail your sample back with our pre-paid shipping label. We offer discreet packaging so your privacy is always protected.

  • Review your results

    After 7 Days, you’ll receive easy-to-read results and the option to review with one of our in-house physicians.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Testing Requirements

Please return your sample via delivery carrier the same day.

  • Thyroid Panel

You should collect your sample within 3 hours of waking up.

  • Hormone Panel

You will need to fast (at least 8hrs, nothing but water) before collecting your sample.

You should collect your sample within 3 hours of waking up.

You should collect your sample first thing in the morning.

  • Metabolic Panel

You will need to fast (at least 8hrs, nothing but water) before collecting your sample.

You should collect your sample first thing in the morning.

  • Nutrient Panel

You do not need to fast before collecting your sample.

How long does it take to get results?

You’ll receive an email from us within 7 days of your sample return with your results. At that time, you’ll receive the option to have a physician review these results with you and answer any questions you may have.

My state requires physician orders for tests like imaware's. Do you provide this for me?

YES! Our in-house physician provides orders for every sample collected. You don’t need to worry about a prescription or any extra fees. It is already included in the purchase price!

Are imaware test results validated by a doctor?

YES! Each test is shared with the physician who validated the order. This ensures your tests are validated.

Are results as accurate as a lab-based test?

YES! Your labs are as accurate as traditional lab tests, but we’re actually the first at-home small volume blood testing company to have ourdata and methods peer reviewed by the scientific and medical community— which helps validate our claims and our results reports.Learn more about the exact science behind imaware tests.

Are my test results stored securely?

Yes, your imaware account is secure. We have built leading-edge encryption and security features, and our digital health platform is HIPAA compliant. For more details about our privacy policy, pleaseclick here.

When is the best time of the menstrual cycle to pull labs? Does it matter for all panels or just the hormone?

The best time to pull labs (specifically the hormone panel) is around days 19-21 of your cycle before you get an estrogen surge! If you are doing one of the other tests you don’t have to worry about this as much, but generally you want to always pull on the same day of your cycle to get accurate data points.

What do you do after you get your results?

On the lab testing website you’ll find a “Learn About Your Results” page and inside of our Birth Recovery Center you’ll find our “Lab Testing” program. Here is where we have detailed information about how to interpret your results and even some suggestions for change in exercise, nutrition, habits and supplementation. If you need further guidance or any concerns we recommend presenting your results to your health care provider.

How do I know which one to order?

If you're unsure which test to order, the Hormone panel is likely the best one to start!

How often should we retest to see improvements in our numbers/labs?

We recommend retesting after 60-90 days to see if the changes you’ve implemented have made improvements to your labs.

I live out of the US - can I still order?

Due to regulations lab testing is only available to be shipped within the US (with the exception of NY).

Should I wait to test if I am pregnant/recently gave birth/am breastfeeding? Won’t it mess with the hormone panel results?

You’ll want to wait until about 6 months postpartum for the hormone panel, however you are always welcome to test sooner or during pregnancy. Although results might be a bit skewed there is so much valuable data and preventative measures you can start taking during this time if needed!

Do you do food sensitivity testing?

Our lab tests do not include food sensitivity testing and this is really because the best place to start is doing an elimination diet like the Slim Down. Taking out the biggest culprits for digestive upset, gut issues, etc. is best and then digging deeper if after 30-60 days you aren’t seeing improvements.